Fictions of the flesh (2021)

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In Fictions of the Flesh, the character Syncopator embodies both past and future. She slides, floats and falls though space, like a Fata Morgana or tardigrade, monarch butterfly or the night train to Palmyra. She gives birth to a couple of tails in the changing room and sheds her fur between floors. In the breaks she buys vegan sausages and recycles Nespresso capsules, rides the escalators and grows between the bathroom tiles. Slowly, her fingers become so heavy that she can no longer carry them. They snap silently whilst pulling her backwards into Big Freeze.


In Fictions of the Flesh we look at the idea of contemporaneity and how different contemporaneities can be conveyed through costume, dance and choreography. We draw from our own physical archives alongside speculative future fictions of expanded corporealities.

“To enlarge contemporaneity means to amplify the field of reciprocity between the principle of
equality and the principle of the recognition of difference.”

(Boaventura de Sosa Santos, Epistemologies of the South)


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