Sans og Samling (2017)

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Sense takes inspiration from young children’s open state of being in the world. Children aged 0-3 years old are still in a phase of life where nothing has found it´s final form, and where fantasy and reality are still floating entities. In Sense they meet a universe that celebrates this state of being. Here, the surreal becomes logical, the absurd makes perfect sense, up is down, and the tiny turns out to be huge.

Sense is a performance, an experience, a gathering of sensual impressions, taking place within an installation. Through participation with their own bodies and senses, the children become part of this fantastical universe. They may sit on kitten-soft dolphins, cuddle a singing banana, smell a pepperminty cactus-cloud, and watch a dancer grow a new head every time she turns around.

Inspired by the vivid colours and analogue aesthetics of the 1970s, Sense becomes an immersive universe where playfulness, fantasy and absurdities are united. Totally senseless!


Concept: Becker/Fiksdal/Langgård

Choreography: Ingri Fiksdal

Music: Ingvild Langgård

Set design and costumes: Signe Becker

Performers: Pernille Holden and Marianne Skjeldal

Producer: Eva Grainger and Pernille Mogensen

Distribution: Nicole Schuchardt

Produced by: Dansens Hus Oslo and Ingri Fiksdal

Supported by: Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Artistic Research Program

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