MEDIUM (2022)

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MEDIUM is a ghost performance in which Núria Guiu dances to the music of Stephen O’Malley/SUNN O))). The performance is about how the body is haunted by movements from personal, cultural and virtual archives. The ghost is partly a metaphor for movements from other times and dimensions that return and take up residence in our bodies, but it is also understood as the act of creating in itself, from the invisible realm to its physical manifestation into a performance, which is invoked or brought to life after its creative process death.


Traces of dances from personal, cultural and virtual archives are quoted* in the performance**. The dances have been haunting or embodied by Fiksdal/Guiu between 1987 and 2022 and are referenced accordingly: Name of maker or source, Title (year of premiere), (year of embodiment or haunting)

Ruth St. Denis, East Indian Nautch Dance (1944), (2016)
YouTube channel JStuStudios, Floss (2014), (2019)
Carmen Amaya, Los Tarantos (1963), (2006)
Kobalt Works/Arco Renz, MAD (2010), CRACK (2011), DUST (2011), COKE (2014), Hanoi Stardust (2014) and EAST (2015), (2010-15)
Jennie Livingstone, Paris is Burning (1990), (2013)
Sharon Eyal, Killer Pig (2009), (2009)
Michel Fokine, Les Sylphides (1893), (1999)
Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, Giselle (1841), (1999)
DV8/Lloyd Newson, Enter Achilles (1995) and The Cost of Living (2003), (2003)
Pina Bausch, Café Müller (1978), Nelken (1982) and Die Klage der Kaiserin (1990), (2002)
Tiktok, Chicken Teriyaki challenge and Tot* challenge (2022), (2022)
Ultima Vez/Wim Vanderkeybus, Blush (2002), (2003)
ROSAS/Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, Fase (1982), (2004)
Mary Wigman, Hexentanz (1914), (2012)
Graham technique (developed approx. 1930-50), (2001-04)
Martha Graham, Lamentation (1930), (2005)
Xavier Le Roy, Self Unfinished (1998), (2000)
Jiří Kylián, Bella Figura (1995), (1999)
Loie Füller, Serpentine dance (1891), (2006)
Isadora Duncan, The Blue Danube (1905), (1987)
Glen Tetley, The Tempest (1980), (2012)

*In accordance with Norwegian rules for fair use (Opphavsrett, fri bruk, sitat). (
**In order of appearance


Concept, channelling and performance: Núria Guiu

Concept and channelling: Ingri Midgard Fiksdal

Music: Pieces from the “Pyroclasts” album of SUNN O)))

Spatialization: Stephen O´Malley

Costume and set: Ronak Moshtagi

Light: Phillip Isaksen

Sound techician: Ernst van der Loo

Dramaturgy: Guiu, Fiksdal, Isaksen, Moshtagi

Costume and set design assistant: Zoya Tahery

Photo: Kristine Jacobsen

Production and distribution: Nicole Schuchardt and Ariadna Miquel

Production and administration: Eva Grainger and Ida Frømyr Borgen

Produced by: Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse

Supported by: Arts Council Norway

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