Rehearsing the Not Yet #2 / Imagining Liberation in Palestine: Artist talk with Dalia AlKury

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Imagining Liberation in Palestine: Artist talk with Dalia AlKury

The talk will be followed by a screening of the artist’s films “Levitations” (2024, 20 mins) and “Congratulations on Your Return” (2022, 6 mins).

Location Schous plass 7A, 0552 Oslo, Norway
Doors open at 19:30, event starts at 20:00
Soup will be served

Dalia AlKury’s artistic research project “Imagining Liberation” (2024) investigates speculative nonfiction by asking the question: How might we cinematically visualize a liberated Palestine? Driven by a profound frustration at the lack of artworks that imagine the world she believes is possible, the Palestinian Norwegian filmmaker centres her practice around staging simulated pasts and hypothetical futures, approaching documentary filmmaking as a means of envisioning an alternative reality. The resulting works is informed by a long legacy of political yet poetic Palestinian aesthetics.
By setting her films in a fictional liberated Palestine, AlKury imbues her work with an emancipatory quality. Her process excavates oppressed rage and surfaces it using a variety of narrative tools. Through staging, subverting, futuring, abstracting and decolonizing, “Imagining Liberation” traces the filmmaker ́s confrontational journey to reach a form of catharsis in the face of a continuously fragmented diasporic existence.
Dalia AlKury is a filmmaker whose work navigates cross-genre storytelling. Her films explore the resilience and political unconscious of everyday heroes in the Arab world. She holds an MA from Goldsmiths, University of London, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Norwegian Film School, Oslo.
This event is the second iteration of “Rehearsing the Not Yet”, a collaboration between choreographer Ingri Fiksdal, Marie Nerland’s curatorial project, Volt, and dancer and choreographer Louis Schou-Hansen.
“Rehearsing the Not Yet” looks to explore alternative histories as a means of envisioning and creating room for diverse modes of physical practice by asking: ‘What could have happened?’ Intended to unfold over the course of several years, “Rehearsing the Not Yet” will comprise various components – including talks, seminars and reading groups – culminating in a performance to be held in public space and/or a gallery space.


Created by: Ingri Fiksdal, Marie Nerland’s curatorial project Volt and Louis Schou-Hansen

Artist on 13.06.24: Dalia AlKury

Image: Dalia AlKury

Supported by: Arts Council Norway and the city of Bergen

Thanks to: CoFUTURES and Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

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