Rehearsing the Not Yet (2023-2026) – a series of talks, seminars

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Rehearsing the Not Yet is a collaboration between choreographer Ingri Fiksdal, Marie Nerland’s curatorial project, Volt, and dancer and choreographer Louis Schou-Hansen. Rehearsing the Not Yet looks to explore alternative histories as a means of envisioning and creating room for diverse modes of physical practice by asking: ‘What could have happended?’. Intended to unfold over the course of several years, Rehearsing the Not Yet will comprise various components – including talks, seminars and reading groups – culminating in a performance to be held in a public and/or gallery space.

The first open iteration of the project (11th of April 2024) is the artist talk Superbloom Cosmogony by Kira Xonorika. Xonorika is an artist, writer, researcher and futurist who adopts an interdisciplinary approach that merges critical theory, futurist foresight and machine learning to explore the connections between technoscience, sovereignty, worldbuilding and magic. Her practice dives into the complexities of queer, protopian and indigenous worldbuilding.

Xonorika’s writing has been published in e-flux and Momus, among others, while her recent exhibitions include ‘What Models Make Worlds: Critical Imaginaries of AI’ (2023) at the Ford Foundation Gallery, New York and ‘Small V01ce’ (2024) at Honor Fraser, Los Angeles. This year, Xonorika will spearhead ‘Future Memory Lab’, the first Generative AI residency in South America, at the Migliorisi Foundation, Asunción, Paraguay.


Created by: Ingri Fiksdal, Marie Nerland’s curatorial project Volt and Louis Schou-Hansen

Artist talks: Kira Xonorika (11th of April 2024)

Image: Kira Xonorika

Supported by : Arts Council Norway and the city of Bergen

Thanks to : CoFUTURES and Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

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