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The new work by Ingri Fiksdal in collaboration with Spanish choreographer Núria Guiu is called “Supermedium” and is part of the CÈL·LULA 4 project, produced by Mercat de les Flors. The piece is a large-format version inspired by “MEDIUM”, a solo that the two choreographers created in 2022. In the history of dance up to the present day, there are different approaches to the embodiment of the virtual or invisible. Witches or mediums have always been women associated with the fringes of society and superpowers.

In “Supermedium”, nine dancers become mediums who channel movement through time and space, and thus vessels that connect past, future and present times. Through attempts of invocation, possession and finally exorcism of various movement archives, the performance grows into a speculative fiction that examines what kinds of body knowledge and histories we possess and which bodies are possessed.


Choreography : Núria Guiu with Ingri Fiksdal in collaboration with the dancers

Accompaniment : Claudia Solwat

Performers : Clara Tena, Emma Riba, Mabel Olea, Aina Lanas, Blanca Tolsà, Anna Calsina, Laura Morales, Berta Pascual and Núria Guiu

Composer : OKKRE/Uge Pañeda

Musical Asstistance: Los Sara Fontán

Costume and set design : Ronak Moshtaghi

Original light design : Phillip Isaksen

Adaptation, design and lighting technician : Arnau Sala

Costume assistance : Manuel Mateos

Photography and video : Tristán Pérez-Martín, Dansa València Eva Mañez-José Jordán

Production : Mercat de les Flors in the framework of CÈL·LULA 4 project

Supported by: The activities around this creation are supported by Fundació Banc Sabadell FBS.

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