Swarmy Swarm (2023)

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Swarmy Swarm is a score-based performance created with P.A.R.T.S.-students for the Dansand! festival in Belgium. A large variety of different dance expressions exist coevally within a choreographic structure. The work draws from the various embodied archives of the performers and their manyfold dance backgrounds. Swarmy swarm travels through space as a large, buzzing cloud where a constant play with rhythm and syncopation is the driving force.


Concept: Ingri Fiksdal

Choreographic assistance: Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy and Jonathan Ibsen

Choreography and performance: Adèle Chaput, Alba Díaz Muñoz, Alice Bröker, Anastasia Antoniadi, Anna Fedoronchuk, Annabel Van Acker, Beatrice Zaveckaite, Chiheb Slaoui, Elena María Olías García, Elsa Goldstein, Guillem Salmerón, Hugo Bragg, Inger Flotve, India Pornon, Jacob Bousset, Jessi Zhang, Kim Ramiandrisoa, Kiu Yan Cheng, Laura Murariu, Letícia Oliveira Ferreira, Momiji Kuromaru Yosakoi, Nicolas Dang, Patric Eduardo Da Cunha, Pavlos Orfeas Argyropoulos, Salim Mabrouk, Silke Hamers, Solène Ezin, Takudzwa James Felo and Thaïmee Samut

Photo: Tine Declerck and Rudy Carlier, DANSAND, KAAP

Produced by: Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse, P.A.R.T.S and DANSAND! (Kaap)

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, P.A.R.T.S. and DANSAND! (Kaap)


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